The Rege Residence Home for the Elderly offers group and individual physiotherapy treatments.

Specialised care at the Rege Residence

Physical therapy plays a key role in maintaining mobility, physical activity and self-care for as long as possible, and in the rapid recovery of these abilities in the event of injury.

The use of group exercises is based on a preliminary medical history and a functional examination by the physiotherapist.

Group activities (in groups of 8-10)


Spine exercises


Hip- knee exercises


Neck-shoulder exercises


Osteoporosis exercises

For cardiopulmonary problems:

Circulatory exercises - breathing exercises

Post-infarction rehabilitation programme

Coordination and balance exercises

Dynamic Lifestyle
at Rege Residence

Following a functional examination by a physiotherapist, an individual treatment plan and therapeutic goal are set up on the basis of a medical diagnosis and prescription, taking maximum account of the individual characteristics of each person.

Post-surgery physiothera

We provide care for residents with higher care needs in a separate unit.

Individual physiotherapy treatment after stroke

In cooperation with reputable, recognised clinics, we provide high quality specialist care on favourable terms for our residents.

Cardio tours, guided tours

Organising guided hikes and cardio-tours guided by a physiotherapist on the trails in the surrounding mountains.

Cardiotours are designed to provide pulse-controlled exercise while hiking. By raising the heart rate to a safe range, known as the training zone, it has a positive effect, improving the condition of the heart’s corpuscles, helping the heart to function more efficiently and healthily.


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