High care

At the Rege Residence Home for the Elderly, we provide high quality health care to meet your needs.

Specialised care at the Rege Residence

To ensure your maximum comfort and safety, at Rege Residence Home for the Elderly, we pay special attention to providing you with smooth and high quality services.

We not only provide specialised care and assistance, but also an optional shuttle service.

Components of the service

Rege Residence's healthcare partners provide the following specialist services.


24-hour qualified nursing and regular medical (including specialist medical) supervision


Our physiotherapists make sure that people who come to us for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physiotherapy recover as quickly as possible


Our doctors will issue prescriptions for medicines needed for patient care and referrals for specialist examinations if necessary


Our patient transport service is available at any time of the day


Five meals a day with a choice of menu, under the supervision of a dietician


We help right away, no waiting list

The MAZSIHISZ Charity Hospital and the Rege Residence Home have entered into a strategic partnership

The partnership will allow the residents of our Institution to benefit from the health services provided by the Charity Hospital in more comfortable conditions, in particular with regard to imaging diagnostics, outpatient and inpatient care.


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