Specialised care- Specialist care with medical supervision

We want to provide support for people who are looking for a nursing service for themselves or their relatives. We provide a high standard of care, made possible by the dedicated work of our highly qualified specialists and our 24-hour nursing service.

We create a safe environment for every patient where recovery and caring support are our primary goals. Our person-centred approach helps us to focus not only on patient care, but also on emotional and spiritual support in everyday care.

Our specialist care services

We provide all the conditions for an ideal recovery and full support for our patients. Discover the key services we guarantee to all our patients receiving specialist care


We help immediately, without a waiting list!

We know that when it comes to specialist care, time is of the essence. We always have spaces available, so you can come to us without a waiting list and with immediate admission. Our doctors and nurses are ready to provide immediate care, so patients who come to us can get the help they need quickly and professionally.


24-hour nursing service

Our nursing team is available 24 hours a day to provide continuous supervision and care for each of our patients. Our nurses not only provide medical care, but also respond quickly to the needs of the people we care for. They monitor changes in the health of the person they care for, support them in their daily activities and provide a calm and safe environment.


Comprehensive patient care

As part of our comprehensive care, we make sure that our patients receive all the medical support and medicines they need. Our doctors fill prescriptions for medicines essential for patient care, ensuring that medicines are delivered quickly and efficiently. We also ensure that referrals for specialist medical examinations are made, taking into account the patient’s medical condition.


Medical surveillance

The Rege Residence’s medical specialists have a high level of professional experience that ensures the highest quality of care for those who need it. The specialised expertise of our doctors, who come from different specialities, enables the people we treat to benefit from versatile and modern treatments.


Patient transport around the clock

Whether it’s for an urgent medical treatment or a specialist visit, our patients can use our patient transport service at any time. The main advantage of this service is that patients and their relatives can always rest assured that we will get them to care quickly and safely when they need it. A medical check-up can be vital, especially in urgent cases or when keeping to a precise treatment date is critical to recovery. Thanks to our 24-hour a day patient transport service, we can ensure that people always get to the healthcare facilities they need safely and on time.


Highly qualified physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists are committed to helping people who come to us for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physiotherapy to recover as quickly as possible. Our team doesn’t just focus on treating symptoms, but we create a personalised rehabilitation programme that not only relieves symptoms but also improves the long-term musculoskeletal health of our patients. Our physiotherapists work closely with the medical team to support our patients at every stage of the therapeutic process to ensure a quick and effective recovery.


Five meals a day

The role of diet is crucial to maintain health and well-being, especially in situations where patients are undergoing rehabilitation or suffering from chronic illness. We provide five meals a day, prepared under the supervision of a dietician. Our meals are prepared taking into account individual dietary needs and requirements, ensuring that meals are not only tasty and varied, but also meet health goals.The menu choice option helps patients to adapt their meals to their individual tastes and diet.

In what cases can we help?

Our specialist nursing service offers a wide range of help for people facing different health challenges. It is particularly beneficial in cases where the person needs special medical attention and care.

Rehabilitation care:

Our care in the case of illness or post-operative recovery is designed to support patients’ speedy and effective recovery. Therapeutic physiotherapy and personalised care during rehabilitation help to restore fitness and promote a professional recovery.

Patient care:

In the case of elderly patients, we provide special support to the family in caring for them. The high level of patient care in a home-like environment allows all patients to feel comfortable and at home, while receiving personalised and high quality health support.

Care for people with disabilities:

For people who have a long-term or permanent disability and need help with their limited independence, we provide care in everyday life. We have a team of experts who take care of the needs of people with disabilities and provide care based on medical advice. We focus on the individual needs of people with disabilities and develop a personalised treatment plan to support them in their daily living.

Hospice care:

Our hospice care for cancer patients creates a supportive atmosphere where terminally ill patients can live their last moments in a safe environment with full attention and empathetic care. Our dedicated professionals provide ongoing medical and spiritual support. They pay attention to every detail to ensure that patients and their loved ones feel the care and love that will help them through the process of letting go. We also use dog therapy to help reduce stress, relieve pain and provide peace of mind.

Building and location

Our institution is located far from the noise of the city, in a pleasant and green area of the 2nd district, where tranquillity and closeness to nature are intertwined.

  • Close to the city
  • Easy access
  • Parking space provided for relatives
  • Aesthetic garden and community spaces
  • Brand new building, modern facilities
  • Furnished, personalised apartments
  • Latest medical equipment and facilities


40.000 Ft /day

We welcome you and your loved ones to our facility, where patient care is more than a service. Here, healing, caring and people-centredness are intertwined every day. Come and see it for yourself.

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